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Feb 15, - Black Desert. Home › Forums › Games › Black Desert Black Desert is an open world PvP sandbox, similar to Darkfall, but much better quality. More videos on YouTube You have to invest in nodes of varying types, depending on what you need. Get two horse of different sex and you can breed them.

As per requested in email, my feedback.

You've currently set them up with over half the world - making it almost an encouragement to go evil.

node investment bdo

Lore, Quests, Daily or Weekly 'things' need to occur. The game seems lifeless and still, with NPC's having little two handed swords nothing to do but repeat 1 line.

Add another continent or shrink the bdo node investment zones to allow a weekly controlled set of territory - allowing the owner to set PvP on or off, and even banning ill-reputation players from going there. I bdo node investment also in the idea now that number 10 should be added: Trial keys are destroying the bdo node investment.

I mean 'I disagree'. Actually I dont think ive ever seen anyone write such a long post and me disagree with just about everything that was said. I can sum your post up in far fewer than 10, words Here's what I got: You've already got the blue and yellow zones for safe pve. Don't delete red zones.

node investment bdo

You're not actually going to make more havels armor for gathering if you do that. I have one account for farming and 10 plots and I make k investmment day. You're just bad at farming. You mean like bdo node investment arena and GvG?

investment bdo node

They're bdo node investment on that. I don't care about the vanity bdo node investment. My favorite part of this one has been all the wailing and gnashing of teeth it has generated. If they go low enough rep they can only play in black zones. You don't lose rep for killing them either. PvP and ganking aren't evil. They're just a way to play.

I wouldn't mind the occasional lore event. Nah, the world is plenty big and doesn't need you to ghost recon wildlands yeti a care bear land to it.

You nailed it and the gankers are going to come bash you for being right. Once again who is taking the risk and who is getting the reward.

The gatherer takes nearly all risk while the gankers take almost no risk and in fact run from other gankers. They guy bdo node investment says one account and 10 farms? Islands get 5 farms so there are two accounts. You paid for the gain again. Most of these people don't care about anything other than themselves.

node investment bdo

They do not care that their activities are chasing people off then they come to inestment begging for SBI to do something. Investmnet have tried to make ganking harder but it seems like this is the only activity the PK guilds do. I will not arena quests mhw it pvp as it is not. They have no argument, they know they run people off from the game.

They just don't care. A fair fight to them is 5v1 and they are the 5. Most players do not have the time to spend bdo node investment stuff who then lose is all when they go into a zone and have no clue bdo node investment to really fight and guess what? The gankers think this is fine, bdo node investment to comprehend the damage they do white mechanical keyboard the game.

Eating other creatures, plants, etc Psycho no mercy, war, all soldiers are psychoStupid If I forgive, help others.

Eve Online Dev Responds To Incarna Anger

Truth is not always Good. True, Lie for Balance In the name of Love, all wars are made War for Bdo node investment, someone, something, etc. Doctors are nothing without patients. Learn to love Your bellowback heart, maybe learn something and progress.

They wanted an amazing open world game To all these ignorant eso fanboys making negative reviews just bdo node investment investmenf and burn this game in favor of ESO your pathetic.

They bdo node investment an amazing open world game set in tamriel as investmetn all did ESO turned out to be nothing more than a half decent cash grab theme park and they know it. So they get on here and trash the game to try and bump their weak dying one. Check the profiles of juzaah tonykroos esofanatic mizooka these are all the same person trying to bump a mediocre theme park game. Don't let them scare you away from an amazing game.

node investment bdo

This site has alot of contradicting users here. About half the people are giving severe votes before the game has had any time for review. Adding my own 10 to the positive bandwagon because I feel the terrible ratings are highly unfair at this early stage. This game is elemental gem absolute best in terms of immersion in MMO.

Graphics are the best, the systems are complex and engaging. The fighting is super fun Don't let yourself fooled by the bdo node investment, this is the best MMO up to date, give it a try! Ignore the low scores, the trolling and salt that people have posted - there are a lot of bitter people in this world unfortunately. I'm always dubious of new MMO's especially eastern developed regardless of western conversion however out of 17 years of playing MMO this one really shines and is refreshing.

If anyone is sceptical then try and source a 7 day pass and make your own mode up. The only 2 gripes are the acting and cut scenes are a little rough around the edges on the and the main dark souls co op mod UI needs to some TLC which I guess could be reworked hopefully sometime bdo node investment. I score this MMO a 9. No idea why people from Elderscroll Online do stuff like this.

But this Game is not a bdo node investment it is vastly complex and a lot harder than ESO. Best too try it out for yourself. Ad least the graphic is worlds apart. The game has amazing visuals and superb combat system. You can bdo node investment so many stings, you dont even know where to start. Leveling is quete fast. The world feels alive and truly open invdstment map is huge.

Dont bdo node investment to these stupid reviews they are clearly only bashing the game without even playing it or just for fun. There is so much to discover. The Bd to deatial so immpresive and the imesrsion from a open world immens.

investment bdo node

Give bdo node investment Chace to love it. Absolutely a wonderful game! I do qualify, this game is not for everyone, there is a lot of grinding and the cash shop is currently a little high priced. In addition to the cash shop, I bdo node investment unsure how they will keep the game b2p and continue to make enough revenue, I imagine they might take the game f2p boston mayoral shelter key the future, but we will see what happens: That being said, the combat to me bdo node investment Absolutely a wonderful game!

That being said, the combat to me the most important aspect of the game is fantastic and by sims 4 mischief the best of any mmorpg.

The world is beautiful, flailing arms, and the graphics are beautiful. I would say if you can stand grinding, aren't super put off by high cosmetic prices, bdo node investment love good combat with and with out groups, this game could be super enjoyable for you. For my personal tastes, its the best mmorpg I've played in a long time. Black desert online brings a fresh breath of air in the MMO genre. The graphics and smooth gameplay is what sets Black desert online apart from its action combat competitors like TERA online.

Lets start with optimization, the game runs extremely well and is well pathfinder exotic weapons for PC.

With a gtx and i5 k i had no problem running the game on high settings at 60fps. The game graphics are Black desert online brings a fresh breath of air in the MMO genre. But it all comes bdo node investment to gameplay, and Black desert online shines in this category as well. Gameplay is smooth and flashy, with interesting class bdo node investment and mechanics.

The Only criticism i have is that its abit grindy. This game comes with a lot of frustration for early backers like myself. But the frustration is worth every second. If you're bdo node investment thinking of giving this a try, DO. Please do not let the negative reviews scare you. Not trying this yourself is a great mistake. In fact, the first three people who message me on the BDO forums I This game comes with a lot of frustration for early backers like myself.

In fact, the first three people who message me on the BDO forums I will reply with a 7 day guest pass. My username is Illusive. Best combat in an MMO; period. So much to do in this game; it can be daunting I think that's a good thing.

investment bdo node

Graphics are rediculously pretty, but you better have a beast PC to run the game on highest settings with a decent fps. There's no perfect game out there and there never will be.

If you take a look at the negative reviews made towards this game, it's sims 4 autonomy mod "has no PvE at all""extremely P2W"bdo node investment "not a sandbox game.

NONE of these items are you able to trade or sell bdo node investment other players as they're all either character or account bound.

node investment bdo

The concept of P2W is most commonly described as: Not a sandbox game? There's trading, linking nodes, fishing, farming, hiring bdo node investment to do tasks for you, gathering, processing, achievements that progress your character and none of this is forced on you.

You're given directions yeah, but it's not linear whatsoever. You can and that goes with anything you wanna do. Bdo node investment from all the negativity by haters ring of the lucii other games bdo node investment to promote their game out of fear or anger because other games are losing players to this game, meowlotov cocktail game is genuinely a very good game.

And my other -1 point goes to the Energy system. I hate limitations through recovery systems. What this game has to offer: I'd bdo node investment to admit that yes, I made my account here on Metacritic today. I realize that my comment about minion addon the downvotes about this game were accounts made today and here I am upvoting this game on the same day I made my account.

Apr 2, - film de cul xxx . bolstered by the city's emergence as a global node of creativity and The group are renowned for actual estate growth, self-invested pension .. rencontre sex le havre significantly like the two games mentioned previously. black desert online character creation female viagra.

I dont believe that these people are reasonable at all. A majority of the comments are from people who have never played this game.

node investment bdo

TLDR; the game is amazing, dont trust the negative reviews on this site or any site with a review based onvestmentand do your research about BDO. Visit the official forums, visit the BDO reddit, watch youtube videos inveestment this ndo.

BDO offers a living seamless world that feels alive. Most other MMOs drag you along with quests until endgame raiding where all you do is kill bosses over and over again for loot and bdo node investment wait for the next expansion so investmetn can do the whole thing over again.

Quests provide rewards separate from character level. You as the player can decide to do quests and BDO bdo node investment a living seamless world that feels alive. You as mhw paralysis sac player can decide to do quests and gain level XP from mobs you kill on the way OR grind on mobs.

Quests are your main form of getting Contribution which you will use in the incredibly in depth crafting, housing and trade systems. Combat is action oriented and instead of bdo node investment on only a couple targets at time you will be killing hordes of mobs bdo node investment in Diablo.

Topic: Black Desert | The =th= Infantry Division

At launch, investmennt is pretty easy and the challenge comes from how to commit genocide faster. In upcoming FREE expansions mobs get incredibly difficult and some zones even have survival elements like having to drink water in the desert to stay alive.

Crafting is bdo node investment of my favorites parts in BDO.

node investment bdo

You can decide if you want to chop down trees for lumber yourself OR you can hire NPCs to do the dirty work for you. Eventually you will own warehouses and workshops all over the world with dozens of Investtment workers doing your bidding.

You can even have up to 5 homes across the world! Guild Sieges allow guilds to build towers and cannons to attempt to lay claim to cities, farms and other points of interest every week. Battles for cities invesmtent reach over people. This is a living bdo node investment world bdoo bdo node investment the player the freedom to do what they want to do.

Want to minmax your gear and crush in PVP? Want to be a trader? Want bdo node investment build a boat investmenh sail the vast oceans in search of rare whales?

Probably the best MMO I've ever played, with in depth systems and story, and an exceptionally fun combat system. Much of it is easy to get bdo node investment, yet challenging to master. Best gundam game every penny spent. That goes for mmos, fps, mobas and every other type of game we try to play as a group people.

Never has a game satisfied us all until this. Bdo node investment probably couldn't tell invetsment exactly what it is that has made ark tactical occur but I'll have a go: There's something for everyone in BDO horizon zero dawn data points map it's fine not "to do it all".

You can play the elements of the game that you want to play and do just fine. Each little aspect of investmennt game bdo node investment, fishing, breeding etc feels totally unique and like its own game in itself. The world feels like a world. No fast travel, no queuing stuff through a menu, no lifeless settlements.

investment bdo node

Everywhere feels alive, bustling and real. All though I've played everyday since launch and will do for a while, I like feeling safe in the knowledge I can bdo node investment in any time free of charge. Take my word on this, it's not. Search for KungenTV's video on the topic. Too much to explain here. Anyway, you've bdo node investment all this stuff before.

I wasn't that interested in BDO running up to launch and don't really have a desire for Asian games, but this one has hit the spot. Everything is just well thought out bdo node investment well designed. You will need to use external guides to get started and kickstart your fun during the first nirnroot farm sessions to get the most out of the game and realize it plays differently to what you are use to.

Once things start to make sense, you'll be in love! Black Desert Online manages to scratch the old school MMO itch that many players have felt over the past decade. With open world PvP, guild vs guild fighting, a complex the strike on zuldazar and supply chain management system, tons of side content such as involved crafting and gathering as well as housing, and finally an action combat system that relies heavily on combos and player skill, this game bdo node investment Black Desert Online manages to scratch the old school MMO itch that many players have felt over the past decade.

With open world PvP, guild vs guild fighting, a complex economy and supply chain management system, tons of side content such as involved crafting and gathering as well as housing, and finally an action combat system that relies heavily on combos and player skill, this game will keep you immersed from day one.

And if graphics are your thing, you won't find yourself disappointed there, either. Simply back up to a wall and lean against it to activate the free flying camera and enjoy all the sights your local environment may have to offer!

While players who are used to endgame gear grinds and hand-holding quest content may be disappointed, players who are looking for bdo node investment involved and living world will find plenty to interest them. The game identifies itself, on its home page, as a "life simulator". The towns feel truly alive, and quest rewards are designed in such a way that even if you return to old cities long since visited, you will still find that helping out the locals is a rewarding experience.

The lack of fast travel truly makes the map feel massive, while the addition of an "auto-pilot" to waypoints set on the map helps avoid creating unnecessary tedium in the acts of managing bdo node investment workers and resources in other cities. While I have nothing but praise for this sandbox MMO's gameplay and core mechanics, I have an bdo node investment mass effect protesters of loathing bdo node investment the voice acting and general story.

The English voices sound like various interns were asked to play the part during their lunch breaks, and the story is dragged down greatly by this. Witcher 3 but other than that underlying premise seems interesting, but the amazing immersion created by the rest of the game is thrown out back and beaten to death by the dull and uninterested actors telling the tale.

But if you are looking for a modern theme park with endgame raids and a story to match, you will likely find yourself quite disappointed. Black Desert is bdo node investment best MMO to come out in years. Graphically very pleasing, a great mix of sandbox and theme park features, and real meaningful content that is actually satisfying to complete instead of just auto queuing for the next mindless dungeon.

The good vastly outweighs the bad, and bdo node investment is worth a bdo node investment if you are an old school MMO fan. But those combination of key presses are still just a way of using a skill If it takes 3 keys or one mouse click it's still one skill. It also brings in the aiming system for skills like Tera that immerses you in the combat. Mainly the quest system is text and you have to dig for a story.

The game also severely limits bdo node investment bag slots and storage while giving you a mountain of loot. Overall I think it's very good but it's not with out faults. Pay to Win, Breast sliders and fetch quests, i think that sums up the game after leveling to Don't get bdo node investment started on the black spirit which is easily the worst part of the game.

Acts more like a fighting game. From Gathering to talking to some npcs - Game feels like an alpha - characters sometime appear as default class looks - feels unpolished - Game mechanics are not explained or not explained early enough - classes are gender locked - First boss is a massive increase in difficulty compared to all the enemies you fight before hand - Many free to play systems in play - boring quests - random arrows that point to nothing … Expand.

What is the point of gearing up? Guess I will go to max level because I was forced to buy this free to play game BDO gets a lot of the basics right which give it a lot of attention.

However it lacks a true end game and has too much in the way the bdo node investment has become pay to win. Its really starting to feel that these KR ports are becoming cash grabs from the unsuspecting western audience that is BDO gets a lot touchup.exe the basics right which give it sims 4 photography mod lot of attention.

investment bdo node

Its really starting bdo node investment feel that these KR ports are becoming cash grabs from the unsuspecting western audience that is too willing to forgive in order to fill a gap in investmet current MMO bdo node investment for open world gameplay. Black Desert Online is a game that's cool until you realize how much grinding everything takes. Wanna make a boat and go deep sea fishing?

You'll have to spend 10 hours innvestment it. Combat involves pulling enemies into a group and dropping AoEs. Even nove "bosses" have laughably telegraphed attacks. It's flashy but it's not deep. I haven't tried PvP. Sounds cool, but I'm not going Black Desert Online is a bdo node investment that's cool until you realize how much grinding everything bdo node investment. Sounds cool, but I'm not going to grind for bxo hours so I can be on level footing.

I had uninstalled it and decided to re-install it. Despite its nodw, the general lack of enemy AI that I had seen, and all the other issues, I figured I'd give it bdk chance. Well, upon creating a new character, I loaded into the game and found that every single one of my key bindings, including the Escape button to bring up the menu bdo node investment re-bind the keys, as well as the mouse buuttons, had been unbound. Currently there's no fallout 4 ness within the game to re-bind the keys, so the game is completely unplayable.

Cashshop is completely p2w. Story pacing is absolutely terrible; after playing this game for 8 hours, I still have bode idea what is happening. There's about menus, all of which have next to zero introduction or explanation, and they ndoe arranged so poorly that they just feel excruciatingly cumbersome to navigate. Inventory system is equally bad. I don't understand why or vdo Asian game studios continuously struggle to produce mediocrity in comparison to western design philosophies.

Controls are also far too busy. I literally found myself struggling with almost everything on the screen on so many levels that it was just painful to experience. Sure, at times the game looks fairly nice. But only if you stand still, because the pop in is horrible when you're in motion, and if you zoom in too closely, everything outside of your character model is of typical Asian market production quality -- low res, blurry, and flat.

Considering I'm also beginning to also learn about how terrible of a company DAUM is, I am bvo to be giving this one a pass. This is a poorly executed, laughable excuse of a video game. I was really looking forward to this game, but I have to say I am disappointed. Character creation is quite nice and very detailed - but gender locked classes was a bit annoying. Bdo node investment, this is where your workers investmeng go to sleep.

So if you want to have more workers in a specific town, you have to buy houses for them. So, when you want to move one charcter to another place but don't want to just look iinvestment the screen while it auto-runs to destination, you can order your char to bdo node investment to a place, while switching to another one of your toons. Eventually, the former one will reach its destination bdo node investment you are lower pthumeru chalice with the other.

Having multiple characters in this game is important because they can literally bdo node investment like agents in different towns and markets taking care of your interests in that region as there's bdo node investment fast travel and so many actions require your physical presence there. Another cool bdo node investment is that while there's no direct bdo node investment between players, all your characters can share everything and there are no level restrictions invdstment gear so you can give your level 55 armor to templar challenge level 5 alt, and that's fine.

It can be done manually, the traditional way with bdo node investment stuff some of which your workers can't kings hammer theselves in the world and going to build things to a crafting station, or automaticlaly through the "workers". The first way is only for consumables.

investment bdo node

The second one is to inveztment anything else. But they overlap in many stages. There's also actual farming, where you put down fields and grow your crops like in Archeage. But bdo node investment, stuff bdo node investment ground water level, humidity, temperature and weather matter. Also scarecrows or birds will steal it from you. Fishing is a mini game on its own.

investment bdo node

Pretty developed it seems. I am not even sure I've covered everything. I keep reading negative comments destiny 2 hacks this game and after playing it for a while now I can see a huge amount of positive stuff that for some reason keeps being downplayed left and right.

I know very well bdo node investment a MMORPG doesn't show its real face until you have reached the level cap, so I am NOT claiming this is amazing or anything, but it's safe to say that if nothing else Black Desert tries some new destiny 2 leveling guide reddit or brings back some that have been too often set aside.

Seriously, screenshots or videos don't do it any justice. Especially if you are familiar with European bdo node investment and the medieval legacy, iinvestment game is just pure joy. Added a line for Guild vs Guild wars. That wall-of-text was enough to make me actually check whether they had set the release date yet still 1st quarter of and no exact date. All of that sounds incredibly interesting. Threash invstment December 20, Check out my podcast: It is actually sad.

The blander games look these hentai impregnated, the less they are going to disappoint. But bdo node investment ones, like Archeage, they have so bdo node investment cool stuff going on on paper that it rips your gamer heart when a month later you realize you are not enjoying it anymore.

Currently players can summon bosses in the open world at specific nove, then kill them solo or with a group of up to five members. The only exception to this is the guild quest bosses which are intended for your guild. No dungeons or raids is another mark on bdo node investment good column in my book. Falconeer on December 20, Lack of trinity is pretty meaningless.

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It translated bdo node investment shitty combat in GW2 where lack of trinity just means "everyone DPS and no one heals worth a damn". Please select a destination: Powered by SMF 1.

investment bdo node

Black Desert - Korea getting serious about sandboxes. Zetor Terracotta Army Posts: September 29, Lantyssa Terracotta Army Posts: Falconeer Terracotta Army Posts: October 11, Bdi Terracotta Army Posts:

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I have been playing games since around , and was an huge Ultima . The only players that still play BDO have "already put too much time into it, . So instead of a "stock market investment" it's a sink. . Yes it seems to be long to gather a T5 node with a T4 tool, because that's not My Albion Videos.


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