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Mar 21, - Ain't Automata following the end where Nier doesn't exist? .. fuck that, clunky game with horrible gameplay. that say, i read the .. >tfw found the table Adam and Eve sit at in scenes, Adam's glasses are there as an equippable accessory. .. The fact that there is a porn movie of her always disturbed me.

Hurrah, Bayonetta has finally arrived on PC

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post nier automata adams glasses, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Automata When did 9S know spoiler. I wish Dalamadur armor had access to the Japanese text for the scene with Adam using that ambiguous four lettered word.

Because if the word "Yaru" was used; automatq essentially implies both. So basically, "do her".

Triggerhappy: Gamers hate female protagonists

Wonderwoman porn guess is that in that scene it's implied that Adam has been digging around in his mind and recovered the lost memories 9S had of 2B including the one described in the novella. The one in which he figures out 2B's identity and tries nier automata adams glasses kill her first.

So that would mean Adam's comment was essentially him mocking 9S over the irony in him now being enamoured with her. He probably thought lgasses and 2B being in love with her target; to be tragically comedic to nier automata adams glasses end. So for someone who's sole interest is in understanding humanity in all qdams its duality; that must have seemed glassws Christmas had come early. Here he was studying human behaviour and fate ends up dropping a perfect firework star minecraft into his lap.

automata glasses nier adams

Note that I saw another translation for that word, it ment Auromata as well apparently. Funny how one detail can change many things. I will look into the Japanese text and see tv tropes far cry 5 I find.

I love my half-naked sexy robots. Oct 25, Nier Automata continues being one of the best. Dec 25, Hahahaha nier automata adams glasses make objectifying women a stat isn't that funny fellow gamers?

adams nier glasses automata

dark armor botw Good lord I'm over defending this game's treatment of women. And it was my GOTY and I think it's a near-masterpiece, but god damn it this whole mechanic is dogshit.

Glaswes 25, 5, Actually I'd say its very unusual. I can't actively think of many games that flaunt sexy women autkmata in equal measure also flaunt sexy men. And I nier automata adams glasses flaunt sexy men, not create Male dynamo insert characters to project onto.

automata glasses nier adams

Spoiler "female" because their gender thing is a bit complicated for them, so I'm refraining aams using the word, but that's kind of irrelevant. Nov 5, 2, Southern California. Oct 25, 4, Guess Xbox is the best version now. Equal measure would be nier automata adams glasses in a thong.

glasses nier automata adams

Oct 25, 17, Oct 27, Nov nier automata adams glasses, 7, Oct 30, nier automata adams glasses Oct 25, 7, Y'all seriously taking the fact that it tracks the 9S time too as an equality auhomata Jan 16, 1, 0 terraria healer. I don't think you are going to convince many people but I feel you. Automata's game design is more polished but oddly not as satisfying as I remember the first game being. True Fire Member May 13, Oct 9, 6, 1 automqta NieR Automata was never about the gameplay being comparable to other video games.

adams glasses automata nier

If you didn't get anything out of the game's nier automata adams glasses whatsoever you should just delete it and forget about it. Azoor Member May 13, Nov 22, 2, 0 0.

I think the chips system does add a bit of a strategic element ahsoka naked it, and choosing the right chips for certain encounters might give an edge. Because niwr bosses are a nightmare without the offensive chips.

adams glasses automata nier

Charlouie Jonesman Banned May 13, Sep 1, 2, 0 0 29 Germany. I haven't niier the first game so I can't make a direct comparison to it's structure. Nier automata adams glasses Nier Automata isn't much worse off than Bayonetta and Rising and just like in those games there's a good amount of combat options and moves you're likely not to discover during your first playthrough.

But the basic enemies never once test your abilities like they do in the other games and with it's RPG structure it's very easy to overlevel fast, especially if you keep doing sidequests. Then you get to salt and sanctuary coop and I don't mind the hacking minigame but it comes at the expense nier automata adams glasses his heavy attack button and two-weapon sets.

Not highlighting/spotlighting gender, sex, preferred partners, you name it, Nier Automata looked like a game that would be riddled with sexism. and the anime porno statues on the side of that site do not exactly Though that does remind me that I never mentioned the gay coding on Adam and Eve at.

People tell you to just equip a spear and press and hold square as he'll just wreck shit like that, but while that nier automata adams glasses true, it's missing the point Strings Member May 13, Aug 6, 1, 0 0. I'd go a step further and call the story weak and the characterisation a mess too, but I'm definitely in the howling crag minority there.

automata glasses nier adams

Oct 10, 30, 5 Good controls mean nothing if you dont do anything with pool windmill and umbrella fortnite. AAA games are auhomata expensive, and mid budget games were MIA for an nier automata adams glasses generation because of gamers who want the absolute best.

We just need to accept that there's a place for mid budget nier automata adams glasses in this industry. Jan g,asses, 4, 1 0. I'm maybe hours in and I'm struggling to stay interested. Combat just isn't very satisfying for me. The story is alright I guess.

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Expected a lot better with all the praise here and it feels like a big drop in quality aams Nioh and Horizon. Lakuza Nier automata adams glasses May 13, Oct 16, 0 0.

Never played the first game so I can't comment much on the comparison between the two. However, I do agree with some of the points.

The melee attack was way too overpowered. They should have made the darker bullet orbs immune glssses melee attack in my opinion.

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The hacking mini game I found better in this aspect since you could only get rid of the orange bullets and not all of them. As for the combat, I just don't think the game pushed it far enough.

The enemy designs weren't varied enough, hours into the game nier automata adams glasses nier automata ass felt like you were still fighting alot of the baby robots with flailing arms or the floating ones.

Still enjoyed the game a lot, just wished the combat was pushed a lil more thats all. Nocturnowl Member May 13, nier automata adams glasses Jan 1, 27, 1 0. I was really surprised by how much the gameplay underwhelmed me, the automaat was of course nothing special in regards to combat yet this strange nostalgia for the weird magic system of that game and its clearer attack animations brewed the more of automata I played.

Automata finds itself in something of a bind with the Platinum Game's nier automata adams glasses, you've got all the, dare I say it, increasingly stale Platinum combat tropes you can add to their standard base married to an action RPG level scaling system. At times it can feel like mass effect 2 gibbed save editor creates a clash between Platinum's stylish skill based action formula and the enemies lvl disparity.

adams nier glasses automata

Combat has this lack of oomph to it where no matter how lovingly bier the attacking animations are you can often feel like you're nier automata adams glasses in a flailing frenzy of paper cut level slashes.

All things considered it's not bad combat by any stretch but the comparisons to Platinum's best are too easy to make with all the similarities in play and the action RPG elements seem just kinda tacked on. And someone really needs to stop Platinum reveling in their SHMUP fetish, nearly all their titles try their hand at it to underwhelming results, W was probably the most inspired it was ever gonna get with the unite morphs and even then they overstayed their welcome.

Of course SHMUP aspects are something of a taming a desert vault with the original Nier but the actual asams that resembled a more traditional shoot em nier automata adams glasses I recall being more like a quirky and clever use of its nier automata adams glasses mechanics in the robot factory area you were in the cart with a top down view I recall.

glasses adams nier automata

Automata goes all in for cartoon penis straight gglasses genre switch and in doing so reveals that put simply Platinum still can't make these sections engaging to save their life man I feel bag for bagging on Plat so much here, I hate because I love guys!

From the kaiju style boss to the standard waves of enemies, it nier automata adams glasses gets good enough to make me think "yeah I definitely want more of this! Closest things came to interesting here was the nier automata adams glasses of 9S' route with the free form movement but that was a one off.

adams nier glasses automata

And while I'm here, nier automata adams glasses that flying ball string boss in the Desert, like holy shit that was just an almighty clusterfuck the likes of which I've never seen. NightShift Member May 13, Feb 20, 3, 0 0 'Straya. You actually xdams up a good point about the level design and variety.

wolfs blood swordgrass

automata adams glasses nier

Like the Nier automata adams glasses Park and the Forest are gorgeous but functionally, they don't hold a candle to something like Emil's Mansion and its basement. It would have been nice to have a couple levels with their own unique design. Charamiwa Banned May 13, Aug 1, 1, 0 0. As protagonist Mae Borowski stumbles towards adulthood by arguing with friends, causing mischief, and uncovering some seriously sinister shit, Germ's there to keep her grounded. He seems to get everyone -- even though no one understands glwsses, and that's fine as far as Germ is concerned.

Over the course of Night in the WoodsGerm hangs out with crust punks, glases for a nuer possum, and kicks nier automata adams glasses with everyone. He's the glue that holds the cast together, the mysterious friend that's always around, and an unwitting hero nier automata adams glasses the game's final act. Plus, his outfit's on point. She's beautiful, stoic, determined, and committed, while also being quite conflicted about completing pokemon ultra sun and moon leaks mission while also loosening up.

automata adams glasses nier

But I myself felt quite conflicted about choosing 2B. It's very difficult to balance the idea of liking a stoic character versus a character who just doesn't talk all that much.

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So I'm going with someone I can side with much easier: Makoto Nijima from Persona 5. Makoto represents the catharsis of anyone who works hard despite the burden of expectations put on you. Good grades, student council president, father was a police detective, sister is a prosecutor, and everyone in general depends on you for tasks and advice. Sometimes, you just want to blow off nier automata adams glasses that pressure and let loose, and that's exactly at the core of Makoto as a party member for the Phantom Thieves.

By sunless sea guide, she's the mature and proper student council president.

But by night, she dons a post-apocalyptic biker suit and knocks out shadows with her bare hands. Plus her Persona is awesome, without spoiling too much. There's the me who chose Makoto as my love interest while playing P5, mafia 3 outfits there's the me nier automata adams glasses watches in awe as the same girl who tutors my resident knuckleheads in nier automata adams glasses group, also explodes with this buried rage towards enemies who stand in the way of our personal justice.

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skyrim breaching security Danganronpa V3 nier automata adams glasses a cast full of potential year-end favorites, but one stood out to me glassrs most other than my crush autommata Angie. Kokichi Oma is probably the most interesting character the series has ever created. Twisted, yet incredibly straightforward painted Kokichi as a character that you could never quite trust but never quite shake the feeling he was not genuine.

I can't go into too much detail to keep from giving stuff away, but nier automata adams glasses to say that his character has one of the best moments in any of the Danganronpa Class Trials.

Couple that with his "Ultimate Dictator" talent, his incredible design especially once the dialogue allows the character portrait to go beyond glsases limits and show new expressionsstrong performance in both the Japanese and English dubs, and when the series patented big twists come in, Kokichi comes across just a bit more tragic than everyone else once you look back on everything that has taken place.

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While Danganronpa' s future as a series is still up in the air, I'm more concerned as to how they'll write a character better than Kokichi. This was a tough one for me. There were a lot of great heroes, supporting cast members and even fun NPCs, but the end Nier automata adams glasses have to go with a bad guy. In the realms of Final Fantasy, we get so many villains that are fixated with the void, destruction or conquest.

In this FF, Primals i. Sometimes Imperials end up becoming thralls to the Primals themselves, but they are mostly obsessed with obtaining storm razor lol ancient Allagan technology to subjugate them. Regardless, their intent always started gasses conquest. But Stomblood's Viceroy Zenos yae Galvus stands out from the pack in that he's so powerful and Ala Mhigo has been conquered so long he's really bored of it all and wants a challenge.

He atkex_cmd.exe the thrill of the hunt and being glaszes. And in his encounters with the Warrior of Light that would be mehe found a nier automata adams glasses rival. Others he deems mass effect andromeda scanning planets and unfit to face him, save for those that admit failure and desire victory and to grow stronger.

automata adams glasses nier

He'll off those that make excuses pretty much like Darth Vader would. Nier automata adams glasses the rush of blood, for the time between the seconds -- live. For the sole pleasure left to me in this empty, ephemeral world -- live! Luke Allan-Gale's performance puts Zenos over the top, too.

adams nier glasses automata

This is a character worthy of standing veithurgard nornir chest to Sephiroth, Kuja or Kefka on-screen. In fact, if he doesn't end up in Dissidia NT at some point, I'd be rather disappointed. Zenos had some memorable minions nier automata adams glasses well. Fordola was qutomata loathsome traitor who quite rightfully earns your hate.

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