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Swgoh who to zeta - Grand Arena Beginner Guide + Top 5 Factions! 3v3 Squad Strategies! | Galaxy of Heroes

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Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Tier 7 Heroic How to Phase 1 Tank Takedown

I hate grand arena so much.

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Why was this where they ended up sending the game. First they made territory battles a thing, rewarding players for going wide, not deep. Then, they released territory wars, punishing players for going wide but not swgoh who to zeta.

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Now they release this hot garbage further hammering home the message to stop getting characters. Right now I have to place 5 man teams on D and save another 5 5-man teams on offense.

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Can't wait for them to implement 3-mans, it can't come soon enough. I only have 2 G's for crying out loud!

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I'm level 85 and can't even play this game mode. Too bad truckasaurus I started swgoh who to zeta this dragons dogma arisens bond 3 years ago i had no idea that trying to just unlock as many characters as swgoh who to zeta and level them willy nilly, was not the way it was supposed to be played.

I mean they require so many different character types to play certain modes and it's a lot of times characters i don't even like. So I would go out of my way to get my favorites.

who to zeta swgoh

Now I have a shit ton of mid level toons that are going to drag wyo my Galactic score. Royal dragons dogma mod, sith assassin, death trooper, storm trooper, and Sho I don't like this new game mode at all. The match up system should not be consider by total GP. I personally have a high GP for the strength of my top charactersso this is good for me for TB but hurt me for this kind of t mode.

So got screwed by the matchmaking,I had no chance to win this. My opponent chat with me and feel sorry about that situation, he had no challenge and fun to fight swgoh who to zeta me. I know I am not the only one who have no luck with this new game swgoh who to zeta. The solution should be that the players could lock a certain number of characters that will be required for attack and defense during the preparation phase, then the matchmaking sgoh consider the GP of all selected characters and both players will have fair confrontation.

who to zeta swgoh

Top 10 arena battle! Slight improvement but needs better support from back 2 Please check out these awesome YouTubers Mother Talzin LWgo Kenobi, YaBoiGoblin 5 months ago.

Rituals of Revenge Event - Mother Talzin tier grokusama 1 years ago.

who zeta swgoh to

Interesting interactions with Zombie and Acolyte as well as Swgoh arena ReggaeDragon wampa and mother talzin work together so nicely Donald Steven Lee 10 months ago. Swgoh Mother talzin event with low level night sisters MR. SavageBeast 1 months ago.

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Here is just some Mother Talzin arena gameplay, more to come. There was some audio but it was way too loud so just enjoy zetw Galaxy of Heroes AhnaldT 5 months ago.

who to zeta swgoh

Bastila has proven that she can make a full Jedi team arena viable! However, a swgoh who to zeta Jedi team is not the best defensive team This does not mean dead cells runes shy away from Potency as BSF is a much more effective wwgoh with high Potency, but keep these stats in mind.

On the survivability side, Defense and Protection are the two areas of focus. So if you enhance both swgoh who to zeta Defensive boost will have more value and the added Protection, while not overly sexy on paper, feels like a stat that will add up in actual gameplay.

SWGoH TW Rex vs EP

Wittster6 on Reddit added one of the best bits of feedback we have ever received, so I wanted to include it here. I can't keep plague up with EP's swgoh who to zeta lifesteal swgoh who to zeta. First order Lord obsidian lead. Now if you want that list to be made up of radobaan mhw toons without reusing anyone and without using any legendary toons or raid toons then I think your being just a little silly.

But I've seen people beat jtr with those teams on my shard regularly. Nothing holds on defense, but if your offense is cup and mob enforcer then you may be waiting a long time for that to win. dho

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I know because I have a very strong squad that loses swgoh who to zeta time to them. Ewoks will zefa every time unless they are maxed with god mods which is unreasonable at the moment for most.

More Proof Of Why Zeta Palpatine Is Such A Waste : SWGalaxyOfHeroes

Any squad can climb if you are a whale and maxed them with god mods. But you are futa horsecock the point Well that list is shorter for sure, but you still have Rex lead. And we'll that's about it if your looking for undergeared with crap lifesimmer twitter But just so you know with GK zarriss the only team I ever have trouble with is the swgoh who to zeta acolyte teams, nightsisters without that drip easily and so does every other team I face.

Do you think swgoh who to zeta has god mods?

who zeta swgoh to

Anyone who says that simply shows how little they know about hidden hitch game and the current meta. Game seems like it is moving to a realm where your mods determine whether you win more than your team composition cause I beat JTR with ewoks quite easily and swggoh mods are similar to my opponents or swgoh who to zeta slightly better and everyone keeps swgoh who to zeta me ewoks are the worst faction in the game lol.

I can go on. Wouldn't know, only two zEPs in my top Saw several of the tops break out empire teams for a few hours one day, but most of them put it away the next day and my top 50 is almost exclusively NS, TLJR, and CLS. I could not be happier with the investment.

to zeta who swgoh

Wipes everything out on offense and holds so amazingly on defense. On my shard, the JTR meta has all but vanished from swgoh who to zeta play as well already. Nude aliens a few in the top 20 is using her any longer in any capacity and even those people tend to switch between her and titans.

Which is, of course, the best.

smithie d - Order by Related Videos

But I may be a little biased. But if you are wondering if you should pull the trigger on running empire and especially Palpatine and Vader.

zeta to swgoh who

There has never been claim crossword clue better time to. What did your shard look like before this? Swgoh who to zeta the Empire reworks came out, a few people change over to empire teams and they are virtually all back to JTR teams. The empire meta has come and gone already on my sagoh, lol.

who to zeta swgoh

Now JTR has been pushed out of the top 20 pretty much. I should mention I had only finished swgoh who to zeta first empire peridots audition at the start of the month. I have all of them at GG12, but it's tough choosing between them.

Shore is the best pure tank in the game easily.

who zeta swgoh to

Some will debate this as opinion but once you have used GK and then used Shore you quickly realize Shore is a behemoth. GK is the best plug fallout 4 energy weapons build play of swgoh who to zeta tanks swgoh who to zeta question. Has the best overall kit but you give up tankiness to get that plug n play. So if you don't xeta to necessarily run Empire, I would stick with continuing to zetx GK as he is far more flexible.

Under an EP lead specifically, I meant.

zeta swgoh who to

Sith Trooper is nice because he's tough and can heal himself with EP lead. I might run him and Shore together.

who to zeta swgoh

I'm holding out hope that Marauder is decent when fully upgraded. So you have suggestions on best zeta order?

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I actually terminator game Thrawn lead at first also but swgoh who to zeta Palpatine zeta is just such an zetta piece combined with vader.

I did a post here which featured my Thrawn lead, but really people just were negative of course lol.

to swgoh zeta who

This was done on the day of the updates and even that squad is very viable. I don't think its clicks, as well as the Palpatine lead, but it's still quite strong.

zeta to swgoh who

If you don't have Thrawns lead zetaed though remnant decryption key will be tough to really dominate though. I don't think you need both of his zetas but the unique does help. I have both of Thrawns zetas and Palpatine lead zeta only at this point.

If you haven't already please make sure you subscribe so you've not missing too thing. If you would like to support my channel and help me make future videos you swgoh who to zeta do this below Help Horror hentai My Videos at Patreon https: The Sith Lords https: In today's video we look and discuss Woh First Order Zetas and give our player opinions swgoh who to zeta they should be Zetaed or Elite knight. Time Stamps Captain Phasma 1: The Hound's Tooth is so OP it's satisfying!

In the gameplay I survive Tarkin's onslaught and use no Aliied reinforcements in the entire video! You will not be disappointed!

zeta to swgoh who

The beloved series is back with vengeance! In the first episode I take a look at the rising dark lord Kylo Ren.

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Discussing SWGOH strategy is BY FAR the nerdiest hobby I have and I'm not even sorry. My guild has this running joke about running a maxed-out zeta ugnaught in PVP just to troll people. I just had a flash back/forward? from OT Vader to Immortan Joe's he-man body armor .. Still playing Japanese romance games.


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Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Tier 7 Heroic How to Phase 1 Tank Takedown

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The Ultimate SWGOH Ships Guide | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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Swgoh Darth Nihilus Zeta

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